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Our Sunday School meets at 9:15 am for 45 minutes of intensive learning. Classes are held for all ages from three years to adults. Classes are divided based on age, as well as special interests such as college graduates, married couples, and adults. Examinations are held twice a year in addition to various other competitions and activities that are held throughout the year.



Our Mission department has two wings: Foreign and In-land Missions. Foreign missions currently supports the work of AG Malabar in the Kasargod section, Tribal areas of Wayanad, and AG Malayalam District Missions Board as well three pioneer stations in Punjab and Haryana. In-land missions focus on street evangelism, campus ministry, and community outreach projects held throughout the year.



Our youth department called Christ Ambassadors (CA) conducts cell groups and talent demonstration meetings every month. CA meetings and Junior choir focus on developing the next generation enriched and equipped in the Word and the Holy Spirit to take on the mantle of leadership in the church.



"Kid's Kingdom" Children's church focuses on children from the ages of three to ten. Bible songs, stories, and lessons are taught systematically every Sunday in addition to training the children to pray and worship the Lord without distraction.



WMC or the Ladies ministry focuses on empowering the women of the church to become the Marthas and Marys of this generation. In addition to monthly meetings, evangelistic outreaches, prayer line, and chain prayer are coordinated by them to help the church fulfill its commission.

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